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Irrational's hiring again almost a year after 'winding down'

Who wants to work with Ken?

In February, Ken Levine (bio)shocked the gaming world by announcing that Irrational Games was shutting down. Well, sort of. The plan was to lay off the majority of the staff, and continue forward as a small group dedicated to creating narrative-driven games.

Ten months after the reveal that 70-some employees would be let go, Irrational’s expanding again, but only ever so slightly. The studio recently posted a listing for two new positions — IT manager and senior programmer. The programmer opening asks for experience in Unreal 3 and 4, suggesting that Irrational has its sights set on its next project.

Whatever Irrational’s next endeavor is, it’s likely that it won’t be related to BioShock. Levine said in the past that the property is in the hands of Take-Two, and that the studio will focus on replayable narrative. In his February post, Levine said “If we’re lucky, we’ll build something half as memorable as BioShock.” Well, then let’s hope that Irrational’s “lucky.”

Careers at Irrational [Irrational Games via CVG]

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