Is Nintendo preparing a Mother 3 localization?


Multiple sources say ‘yes’

Mother 3 has been a long-awaited localization — perhaps one of the most requested in the history of gaming. Gamers have been assuaged by fan translation efforts, but a real, actual release would get this classic into the hands of more people, which is what we all really want.

According to multiple rumors floating around, we may get just that. In addition to Emily Rogers (whose Twitter account was deleted after sharing the news), a Nintendo-focused writer who has made predictions in the past, another source has come forward at Eurogamer, adding credence to the murmurs. It would make sense, as this is officially the game’s 10th anniversary since its launch on the Game Boy Advance in Japan — and wouldn’t you know — the Wii U supports GBA games, and has hosted several Motherreleases in the past few years. The most popular translation effort has also been offered to Nintendo for free.

The fact that Lucas was brought in the new Smash DLC is definitely a sign of sorts. Sure they could have left him to die in Brawl, but making him relevant again has some sort of meaning. Note that the anniversary is officially in April, but this could also be a prime E3 announcement.