Is the graphical difference between NBA 2K21 on PS4 to PS5 worth the $10 extra cost to you?


Here’s a quick, but effective look

Another generation, another attempt to sell you on expensive hardware.

I mean, I’m always there. I’ve been there since I started shoveling snow and working at 15 years old to partake in the newest games. But some generational leaps are more exciting than others. The jury is still out on this coming gap, in part due to the $10 price hike on a lot of software.

NBA 2K21was one of the first games to be announced to buck that trend. It’s going to be $70 on newer consoles, with is chalked up to more visual polish, says its publisher. But now that it’s really getting down to the wire and we have ample footage of both the PS4 and PS5 editions of the game, it’s time to compare and contrast.

YouTuber BBallCreator 2K put up a really useful and quick video that does just that, which you can view below. It’s interesting, as some of the different character models look great on PS5 just because the PS4 ones look fairly poor, but overall there’s a ton of detail in the former version. You can also see a drastic upgrade in terms of lighting when the camera shifts to an aerial view around 30 seconds in.

Like most things, they need to be seen in person to be believed. Hopefully the PS5 version is actually technically sound, and can hold these visuals with a proper framerate. With some games seemingly making us choose, these upgrades might not be as enticing.Also, does anyone else think ‘Bron and the boys will take it on Friday?