Islets is a spirited fantasy metroidvania journeying onto PC in 2022


Rebuild a broken world

Islets is an upcoming fantasy adventure that caught my wandering eye this past weekend — developed by home coder Kyle Thompson of Sheepo fame, the metroidvania title has scored a publisher in Armor Games Studios and will arrive on PC in 2022.

Set in a gloriously old-school fantasy kingdom, Islets is described by the publisher as a “surprisingly wholesome metroidvania,” and sees a plucky young hero, Iko, on a quest to explore and reunite a series of floating isles, reigniting the magnetic core of each location in order to pull the kingdom back together. Of course, this being an adventure title, there will be plenty of dastardly enemies for Iko to defeat, hazards to be negotiated, and puzzles to be overcome en route to rebuilding the lush world in all of its finery.

As Iko picks their way through each location — transported via rickety airship — they will unlock new abilities, gather new weapons and tools, and interact with a fun cast of friendly, not-so-friendly, and decidedly ‘sus characters. As the islets reconnect, jigsaw-style, new pathways will be opened to Iko, allowing him to explore deeper into the world and its secrets. With a delightful cartoon aesthetic, a jaunty musical score, and some challenging-looking boss battles, Islets looks set to be a perfect weekend-filler, and definitely worth penciling into the notepad of adventure game fans.

Islets will launch on PC at some point in 2022. I’ll be sure to give y’all a heads-up when a release date is announced.