It looks like RPG Maker Fes for the 3DS will be heading to Western territories


It’ll be published by NIS America

Well, it appears as if RPG Maker Fes— a version of the popular RPG Makergame creation software for the Nintendo 3DS — is heading to Western territories courtesy of NIS America, if a recent listing on the Australian Classification Board’s website is to be believed.

While NIS America has made no announcement relating to this software’s availability in Western regions, Gematsu notes that it is very likely that it will be officially revealed during a press event that the publisher is hosting on February 17.

As the name would suggest, RPG Maker Fesallows players to build and customise their own role-playing games, which can then be shared using Nintendo’s online services. These games can then be downloaded and played using anRPG Maker Fes Playerapplication, which was freely distributed on the Nintendo eShop alongside the Japanese release of the full version ofthe RPG creation tool.

Should RPG Maker Fescome to the West, it is currently unknown as to whether or not the Playerapplication will be freely distributed here, too. Nonetheless, this online functionality would at least giveRPG Maker Fesa leg up onSuper Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS, which doesn’t allow players to share the levels that they have created online.

For as much as I’d love to try this program out for myself, something tells me that I wouldn’t be very good at RPG creation. I’d most likely spend a few hours tinkering on a project while on a train or laying in bed, only to wind up with something so terrible that I’d deem it unacceptable for distribution. I’d then wind up deleting the project out of shame, before repeating this cycle with countless other RPGs before I eventually give up and go back to playing Fire Emblem Fates.

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