It sure looks like Sunset Overdrive is coming to PC


Still moving after all these years

Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrivehas remained a true Xbox One exclusive for more than four years. That seems set to change sometime in the maybe-near future.

The ESRB has given a “Mature” rating to a Windows PC version of Sunset Overdrive. This is the second ratings board to list aSunset Overdrive port. South Korea did it all the way back in May. These things have a tendency to pan out with reliable accuracy.

However, there is still a giant lingering question: Will this come to Steam or will it be exclusive to the Windows 10 Store? A lot of people would prefer the former. Regardless, it sure seems like Sunset Overdrive, which was fun but relatively-overlooked, will be accessible by a wider audience. That’s always a win.

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