It turns out you can piss off Zelda Cuccos even in the Diablo universe


Click the chicken

Chickens are great, and man have they been showing up a lot lately in games. We have Bomb Chicken on the Nintendo Switch first up, then Guacamelee 2, which features expanded chicken mechanics (you can play nearly the entire game as one): it’s been a good month for them.

Now they’re taking over the Diablo IIIwebsite in the form of their classic Zeldafreakout session. As you may have heard Blizzard and Nintendo have joined forces to bring the game to the Switch, and it’ll arrive with a Ganondorf outfit transmog, Majora’s Maskwings, and a Cucco (chicken) pet.

Head on over to the game’s official website and give that clucker a few clicks and enjoy the videos below.

Diablo III [Blizzard]