It's a long wait for the first Dark Souls III add-on


The waiting is the hardest part

Dark Souls IIIformally released worldwide earlier this week. With its launch, it brought a whole new treasure trove of frustratingly difficult gameplay that people have learned to love over the course of From Software’s five titles that are of this ilk. Anyone who’s already looking for more, however, has a good wait ahead of them.

Bandai Namco has confirmed to VideoGamerthat the first Dark Souls IIIadd-on will release in the fall of this year. No other information is available, such as the name or nature of the content. There’s plenty of time between now and then for us to find out more.

Whatever this first DLC is will only be half of what From Software has in store for Dark Souls III. Back in February, we learned that the game would have two add-ons. If these packs are indeed the end of the Soulsseries, hopefully From sees them as opportunities to go out with a bang.

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