It's ACTUALLY Black Friday now, here are all of Amazon's gaming deals


Real talk

Like I wrote about yesterday, The Black Friday Creep is a real problem. I’m pretty sure that actual Black Friday is just a formality at this point; everyone already got their cheap TVs a week ago. By the time it rolls around, we’re just like “Suckers! Run to Michael’s and save on your crochet supplies, Grandma. I’ve already bought $6,000 worth of electronics at Best Buy’s Pre-Pre-Early Bird Door Bustin’ Black Friday event. I PROVIDE FOR MY FAMILY WITH 8K RESOLUTION.”

If I were President Obama (and I might be), I’d spend my last month in office trying to get November renamed “Black Friday.” It basically takes up the whole month anyway. Who’s going to fight me on that? The people who waged war on a red Starbucks cup? I’d distract them by offering a $25 stimulus package to anyone who took a selfie with the cup.

I guess the point is, I’d try to do a lot of fun stuff if I were Lame Duck Obama. I’d trade Nebraska to Canada for Nova Scotia. I’d cancel a week of NFL games. I’d declare it unconstitutional to run a Black Friday sale before Black Friday. I’m Obama and I like when articles come full circle.

Here’s what Amazon’s doing for the real Black Friday. It’s some of the same stuff from yesterday, but with new deals sprinkled in.

Lastly, make sure to pay attention to the Lightning Deals on the video game calendar. A lot of the deals today are rotating and limited time. Here’s what’s left today along with the times they go live: