It's hard to believe this walk in the park was made in Dreams


We need to talk about that haunted seesaw, though

It’s a treat to watch the Dreams community settle into the tools and flex its creative and technical muscles. In some cases, without the little “Made in Dreams” watermark (and the ability to actually play this stuff), it would be easy to doubt that what we’re watching was created on a PlayStation 4.

That’s how I feel about “Walk in the Park,” the latest video from creator BadRobo82.

Pulling off this kind of complexity and realism within the confines of Dreams is staggering, especially for those of us who have slapped something together and run up against the very finite thermometer. If you dig in and inspect every single element, you’ll notice repetition, but the effect is still convincing.

As lovely as everything looks, the creator says “it can still be done better.” It’s early days.

This nature walk isn’t available from the Dreamiverse, but you can check out BadRobo82’s progress in Dreams on Twitter and watch other equally impressive exploration scenes on their YouTube channel.

[Via ResetEra]