It's mechs versus demons in Panzer Paladin, the latest from Tribute Games


With a touch of Zelda II

The folks behind Mercenary Kings, Flinthook, and Ninja Senki DX are cooking up another adventure molded after their love of retro gaming. Panzer Paladin, the next title from Tribute Games, will let you slice demons in a sword-wielding mech and eject your pilot to squeeze through narrow castle corridors.

I love a good video game whip, and this one looks legit.

📢 Upcoming Game: ðŸ›¡ï¸ PANZER PALADIN âš”ï¸

Eject from the Paladin to control the small but swift Squire pilot! Use your laser whip to attack enemies, swing across gaps, and recharge the Paladin’s energy.

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— Tribute Games 🔜 PAX East (@TributeGames) March 13, 2019

“For a long time I wanted to make a NES-style game with swordplay mechanics like the ones from Zelda II on NES,” said game designer Jonathan Lavigne. “Panzer Paladin is the culmination of two subjects I wanted to address in a traditional platformer: swordplay and mechas.”

There are a few different facets to combat, including the ability to block, throw, snatch fallen foes’ weapons, and even cast spells. Today’s promo push is on the lighter side, but I’m listening.

Ahead of the Panzer Paladin‘s spring 2020 launch, there will be a public showing this month at PAX East. (Find it at booth #17116.) And before you think to ask, platforms are “to be determined.”