I've met my match in Metal Gear Solid V


Target Practice (R&D Platform)

I’ve played enough Side Ops in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain that, hell, I might as well go for full completion. That’s not advisable, by the way. There’s 157 of them. Some are novel. Others sure aren’t. Even with the time-saving “Return to ACC” trick, you’ll eventually run out of expository cassettes to listen to. Then it’ll be just you, D-Dog, and “True” by Spandau Ballet.

I cycle through different mission types to stave off repetition. Maybe I’ll take on a tank unit in one excursion, rescue a hostage next, then eventually fly back to Mother Base for a quick shower. While there, I might as well knock out a target practice mission. They’re so spread apart.

These Side Ops aren’t bad if you use night-vision goggles, but one of them is a real bastard.

That’s a video of someone clearing the dreaded R&D target practice.

I’ve tried five times now. I’m willing to bet money I won’t get lucky on attempt number six.

During one of those attempts, I even had the video running on my laptop as I played. I still came up one target short. They’re all over the place! By the end of it, you’ll have worked your way down to the bottom of the winding, nonsensical R&D platform to reach the last few targets. If you’re unsuccessful when the timer hits zero, you will have to climb back up to the top to try again.

They say you shouldn’t go to bed angry, but last night, I did. This is why.