Jade makes an unexpected return for Beyond Good and Evil 2


She’s seemingly the villain and Pey’j is a cook

Ubisoft’s space opera prequel, Beyond Good and Evil 2, is slowly but surely materializing.

The company debuted a new cinematic in which the action-adventure RPG’s core cast of space pirates comes face to face with “their nemesis, a ferocious young Jade.” What the what?

Ubisoft clarified some of the questions raised today in a separate breakdown video:

The two soldiers are definitely Alpha Section and that’s definitely Jade, according to Ubisoft. “There are lots of legends in the universe of Beyond Good and Evil 2 about this young girl slaying pirates — hunting down pirates in this universe — so everybody’s afraid of that young girl,” says associate creative director Emile Morel. “We are going to explain this dark past and explain where she’s coming from.”

Finally, Ubisoft spoke about its plans to incorporate fan art and music into the game through its Space Monkey Program and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s collaborative production company HitRecord.