James Marsden is doing another live-action CGI movie with a tiny critter


First the easter bunny, now a blue speedster who loves jewelry

TheSonic the Hedgehogmovie is full steam ahead, and now they’ve got a new cast member in the mix. Currently portraying Teddy in HBO’sWestworld, James Marsden will dust off his green screen acting chops alongside tinyCGI charactersonce more. Fingers crossed he’s putting on weight and losing hair to go from robot host to Dr. Robotnik.

Sonicwas first introduced to the masses in1991 but has become the rare, long-living video game without its own movie. That will change when the feature film is released thanks to Paramount, who acquired the rights in 2017. Jeff Fowler is slated to direct, which seems like a leap of faith given he’s directed one short film back in 2004, and–per hisIMDB page–hasn’t worked on a film since 2009’sWhere the Wild Things Are.

Sonicthe Hedgehogis slated for release on November 15, 2019.

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