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Jason's Mortal Kombat X Fatality is such classic Jason

Call him Mr. Brightside

Through decades of cinema, Jason Voorhees has been painted as a relentless killing machine. This Mortal Kombat Xvideo which shows off the famed slasher’s moveset accomplishes the exact same. The likes of Goro and Scorpion might want to take a page from the teens and just run the hell away when Camp Blood’s favorite son shows up.

Jason’s different variations accomplish several unique abilities. As if being an unstoppable killer weren’t enough of an advantage, he’s able to pull off feats like regain health over time, appear from a cloud of mist behind the opponent, and even resurrect himself from the dead like he’s ready to take Manhattan.

But, Jason’s known for murdering a certain way, and his Fatality reflects that. In the wonderfully classic finisher, Jason pulls out his trademark machete and hacks, hacks, hacks away. Then he takes off his mask and drops it to the ground as if it’s some sort of proverbial mic.

The Jason Voorhees DLC is available in Mortal Kombat Xnow in the Kombat Pack. He’ll be sold separately early next week beginning on May 12.

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