Joe Montana Football 16: 49ers legend making a Madden competitor


Runs in Unreal Engine 4

After 20 years, Joe Montana Football is back, this time with a lot of direct involvement from its titular star. In fact, the storied 49ers quarterback — on Twitter, uncannily, as Joseph Montana — seems to be the only one talking about Joe Montana Football 16, which he’s been teasing since last year.

Yesterday, Montana tweeted the first screenshot from the game (above), which runs on Unreal Engine 4.

It also seems like, at least presently, Joe Montana Football 16 hasn’t found a way around EA’s NFL exclusivity deal, which has granted Madden exclusive rights to active NFL players and teams for the last eight years. Having Montana’s name and likeness lends itself to NFL legitimacy more than something like Backbreaker, but it’s going to be hard to come after Madden without NFL authenticity.

Unless it plays really, really well.