John Romero's SIGIL gets smacked with a delay


Demonic forces have held him up

SIGIL, the unofficial fifth episode for the 1993 classic Doom, has been hit with a delay. Announced late last year, John Romero (famed designer from ID Software) set out to create a follow-up to the legendary title in a manner only he could accomplish. Coming out as a free mod with some paid options for super fans, the release had me excited to return to the depths of Hell and see those classic enemies again. Sadly, we’ll all need to wait just a bit longer for Hell to return.

In a quick update on his personal blog, Romero writes, “There were a few snags in production trying to make sure everything is top-notch for fans! I just wanted to let everyone who purchased either the Big Box or the Beast Box know that it is now looking like it will ship sometime in April.” To make sure no one gets a headstart on the mod, the free version has also been pushed back.

At least the concern is more on the production side instead of quality. While I’d love to have the mod out first, I can understand wanting to give people that are paying for it a chance to experience Romero’s return to classic FPS design without spoilers. If this ensures the final product is well worth the wait, then I’m all for it. We don’t need another Daikatana on our hands.

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