John Wick Hex brings its beautiful ballet of murder to Switch


Unfinished business

Two rules, everyone knows ’em: No killing in the hotel, and all good games have to come to Switch. Follow those and everyone stays happy. Deviate and we’re gonna have problems.

John Wick Hexis getting ported to the major platforms it isn’t already on. Developer Mike Bithell just announced John Wick Hexfor Switch and Xbox One. It’s also breaking free from its Epic Games Store exclusivity and coming to Steam. All this action goes down on December 4.

For those who missed it a year ago (tomorrow is its one-year anniversary), John Wick Hexis a smart adaption of the stylish action that made the movies widely beloved. Rather than straight mimic John Wick‘s gunplay, Hexturns it into a strategy game. It’s not turn-based, though. Instead, time is the resource, as each action takes a preset number of seconds. Spend too much time on anything and you’re likely to catch a bullet. It’s a wonderful dance.

Just like when it launched on Epic and PS4, John Wick Hexwill be $20 on Switch, Steam, and Xbox. You’re not an assassin, so gold coins won’t get you anywhere. You gotta pay with straight cash, homie.