Journey to the Savage Planet's Hot Garbage DLC is a nice surprise


Vacation, all I ever wanted

I wasn’t sure we’d get any story DLC for Journey to the Savage Planet, one of my favorite games of 2020 so far, but here it is. Typhoon Studios is releasing Hot Garbage DLC for its platforming adventure.

The trailer debuted on today’s episode of Inside Xbox. (The game is coming to Xbox Game Pass too.)

The setup for this expansion falls right in line with the base game’s lighthearted story.

Kindred Aerospace, your questionable employer, now has a waterfront resort on the alien planet DL-C1, but its competitor, Vyper Corp., is dumping toxic waste all over. As a hapless explorer who probably shouldn’t have volunteered for space travel, you’ll need to deal with the mess (and security robots).

Aside from the simple pleasure of combing for secrets in a new zone, you’ll also have traversal abilities to unlock – a high point in Journey to the Savage Planet‘s core game loop. Typhoon Studios has already brought up “lead boots for adventuring underwater, a specialized Kindred suit for traversing toxic areas, an unlimited stamina ability for endless sprinting, and the power of flight (well, sort of).”

Hot Garbage will be $7.99 when it’s out first on PC and Xbox One on April 15, 2020. The PlayStation 4 version of the DLC shouldn’t be far off. Based on the price, I’m expecting this to take a couple of hours.

I won’t lie, the billboard cracked me up. If you were fond of all the live-action commercials, Hot Garbage is adding more adverts for 32-pack abs, a two-headed space lawyer, and the Monstacrib Extreme.