Judgment returns to Japanese stores in July, new trailer shows off replaced actor


Japan is no longer Planet Fitness

Judgment will be returning to Japanese store shelves on July 18 Sega announced today. After drug allegations against actor Pierre Taki resulted in the game being pulled from sale to be edited, developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios got to work on changing the character design for all releases (including the upcoming Western one). It seems work is finished and Japanese gamers will soon be able to buy the game again. To that end, a “New Price Version” will be put on sale for presumably a lower price.

While this doesn’t have much to do with the Western version, some new trailers show off what Taki’s replacement looks like in the game. I still think he doesn’t look that bad, though I’m curious if the Western release will require a patch or ship with this edit. I suppose the OG Japan and Asia releases are going to become collector’s items now.

Judgment sales resume in Japan with ‘New Price Version’ due out on July 18 [Gematsu]