Judo is 'vintage sports games' meets 'rolling and throwing in Super Smash Bros.'


It’ll be $4.99 on Kickstarter, and $9.99 afterwards

Laboratory Games started Judo as “a fun side project,” and at a glance, it might still look like one. But that’s part of the charm, I think. The studio brought an arcade-cabinet version of the PC/Mac game to PAX Prime last year and found that it resonated with players, which helped encourage continued development. Expect to see a Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks.

“It’s definitely multiplayer focused (up to four players),” says designer Clayton Grey, “but we’ve put some serious time into developing a thoughtful single-player career mode with an interesting AI that’s great for learning.” Reassuring. Friends aren’t always willing or able to play, after all.

While Holmes wasn’t able to cover Judo personally, he did call it cute in the email tip we received. After seeing those little guys roll, I agree: totally cute. (But don’t say that to their face.)