Just in case you thought Monster Hunter takes itself too seriously, Sailor Moon DLC arrives today


Go Luna go

To celebrate the launch of Monster Hunter XX, an enhanced version of the 3DS’ Generations that just hit Japan last week, Capcom is putting out a Sailor Moon collaboration. Starting today by way of DLC you can morph your Palicos into Luna, and wield the “Cutie Moon Rod” weapon.Monster Hunter XX is set to get more free updates than the original, including Okami, Strider, Phoenix Wright, and Breath of the Wild tie-ins.

Since this post is already ’90s enough, our own Jonathan Holmes wanted me to quote theBarenaked Ladies because they’re “so hot right now.” Here’s the most poignant verse I could find:

“I could make a mint. Fill my pockets with more than lint. I’ll give you a hint, it involves the internet” (this is real).

Monster Hunter [Capcom]

【MHXX】『モンスターハンターダブルクロス』最新DLC情報をお届け!「美少女戦士セーラームーン」とのコラボコンテンツが本日3月24日(金)配信開始!「ルナ」になりきれるオトモ防具が生産して、フィールドを駆けまわろう! https://t.co/dxyPEH4pmd #MHXX pic.twitter.com/v0NwudSqVz

— モンハン部 (@CAPCOM_MHB) March 24, 2017