Kao the Kangaroo bounces back this summer, and he's looking sharp


Boxing Clever

Tate Multimedia has been quiet this past year, as it has been busy preparing for the return of one of gaming’s lesser-enduring anthro mascots, Kao the Kangaroo. But it seems that the antipodean adventurer is getting closer to his day in the spotlight, with the publisher announcing a loose release window of summer 2020 for the appropriately monikered Kao the Kangaroo.

Rather than a remaster or remake, Kao the Kangaroo will be a brand new adventure, that will see our hoppity hero travel the world in search of his missing sister. Along the way, Kao will master the fine art of pugilism — shaped by his master and trainer, Walt, into a lean, mean, punching machine. Kao will need all the skills he can handle if he is to defeat the world’s greatest fighters and bring order to the world, the balance tipped by a mysterious, dark power. Heavy stuff for yer boy Kao.

kao the kangaroo 2022 screenshot

As you can see from the fun preview, Kao the Kangaroo is actually not looking too bad at all. Certainly its blatant homage to the Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot games is a little in-your-face, but it’s not as if those series are not charming, enjoyable, and fun-to-play. As long as Kao the Kangaroo can capture the compelling gameplay of its inspirations, as well as their cartoonish worlds and fun casts of characters, then Kao is on course to see something of a successful return.

Kao the Kangaroo launches summer 2022 on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.