Kerbal Space Program's first expansion has a mission editor


And pre-made historical missions

More Kerbal Space Program is on the way with an expansion called Making History.

The goal is to “enrich the Kerbal experience” beyond what’s already available in the base game and mods, says Squad, and that’ll manifest with a drag-and-drop Mission Builder and History Pack. The former is self-explanatory — create and edit missions, then share ’em — and the latter is a set of missions inspired by our real-world history, along with new parts and another astronaut suit.

Of particular note to thrill-seekers like me: “Your astronauts will now be safer in case of imminent disasters with all new personal parachutes. So next time Jeb is in trouble and all systems are failing, you can simply eject him and activate his parachute.” There isn’t a release window or price point yet for Making History, but it will be “highly customizable and moddable.”

Every time Kerbal news pops up, I think about all the little explorers I’ve left stranded in space. Rescue missions invariably go off the rails, adding to the list of lost souls. It’s a vicious cycle.

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