Kero Blaster is hopping over to Switch this summer


Pink Hour

Kero Blaster, Studio Pixel’s follow-up to Cave Story, will be heading to the Nintendo Switch this summer. The developer confirmed the news in a tweet this morning that showed the game running on Nintendo’s hybrid console. If you haven’t yet experience Kero Blaster, make sure to nab it on Switch. It is a great game that more people should play.

#ケロブラスター は今年の夏、Nintendo Switchで発売予定です|#KeroBlaster will be released on Nintendo Switch in this summer.

— (@StudioPixelJP) June 1, 2018

What I’d like to see, at some point, is the prologue and epilogue (Pink Hour and Pink Heaven) end up on consoles. Those free titles were very fun and helped hype me for eventually playing the main dish. It would be a shame for those to remain PC exclusive. [Twitter]