Kickstarter for sci-fi platformer Orphan underway


Updated trailer reveals more a bit more of the action

And before I knew it, Windy Hill Studio’s attractive-looking action platformer Orphan had jumped from Greenlight approval on Steam to being over halfway through its Kickstarter campaign. So it is sometimes in the games writing business — take your eyes away for a moment and something just might pass you by.

However, it may just have worked out tobe an opportune time to take a look at the game as the team has recently updated its announcement trailer to reflect the more action-oriented aspects of the game that weren’t previously on display.

To get us up to speed, Windy Hill is currently standing at $7,149 out of the comparatively modest $32,000needed to fund the project with only 19 days to go. It’s long odds for sure, but you never know with Kickstarter; the studio might just pull this thing off.

As I reported while the game was in the process of Greenlight approval, Orphan is a sci-fi action platformer where you’ll play the role of young boy, presumably the only survivor of an overnight alien invasion.

Visually, the title’s been compared to Playdead’s Limbo, most likely to Orphan‘s detriment. However, when one takes a moment to look over the title’s description on the Kickstarter page, that’s about all the comparison boils down to — a similarity in visual style.

The developer acknowledges thecomparisons to Playdead’s title on the Kickstarter page; and, in fact,seems both frustrated and flattered by the comparisons. Heelaborates on the differences in playstyles byemphasizing the fact that Orphan isn’t a game of “puzzles or abstraction,” rather, it’sa gamedesigned aroundaction and stealth.

If you’d like to learn more, make sure to drop by the Kickstarter page.

Orphan [Kickstarter]