Killing Floor 2 can ban you for being a wankstain


Timmy kicked someone at school today? Unleash the Fleshpound

Have you been a dickhead today? I’d sure hope not. I’d be very disappointed in you, sport. I’d send you to your room without any dinner and then unleash a rabid and hungry pack of wolves in to your bedroom because I would be the best parent ever.

It looks like Tripwire is taking a slightly less drastic approach to making sure you aren’t a massive wanker. Turns out its EULA contains a pretty uncommon clause in it which allows them to revoke your access to Killing Floor 2 if you are a “cheater or abusive”. This includes griefing, racism, sexism, and any other form of bigotry or cyber-bullying. So basically if you’re a bit of a tosspot, they don’t want you.

Of course some of the more knobbish parts of the internet are up in arms about this. Claiming it isn’t Tripwire’s right to stop them from being dickcheeses in its own game and that they can do whatever they like, but let’s not pay attention any attention to them.

Oh and they’ll also be “telling your mom”, and I’m pretty sure she’s scarier than any mutant cannibal the game could throw at you.