Kinect finally makes good on a feature from the reveal demo


The waiting is the hardest part

At E3 2009, Microsoft introduced Project Natal, the motion control peripheral that would go on to become Kinect. Most people remember it mostly for Peter Molyneux’s kind of creepy “Milo” demo. But, there was also a snazzy sizzle reel of a happy family brought together by the unifying power of the device.

The problem is that Kinect never delivered on a single experience in those videos apart from swiping to select. That changes today. Now, there’s a new application out on Xbox One where you can virtually shop and try on clothes.

In this couple’s perfectly demographic-targeted apartment (guitars andwakeboards!), we see how The Mall app uses Kinect to turn a living room into a fitting room. Just select the outfit you want and watch it envelop your body. Not weird at all! For those comfortable with Kinect’s possibly accurate projections, you can immediately purchase the clothes with a second app.

Given that Kinect is becoming less and less integral to Xbox One, this is probably the closest we’ll get to that original vision. Your skateboard will go unscanned and Milo will go unloved. But those clothes don’t have to go unbought.

Use your Xbox One to try on clothes at home [Engadget]