Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road just revealed four new characters with extremely Kingdom Hearts names


Urd, Bragi, Vor, Hermod

I don’t think anything will top “358/2” in terms of pure Kingdom Heartssilliness.

If you really, really dig into it, like most Kingdom Heartslore bits, it actually does make sense, but the audacity of Square Enix to actually name a game that and risk turning off a large number of potential buyers is amazing: I have the same sentiment for the trolly Kingdom Hearts 3special ending. And in true Kingdom Heartsfashion, we’re getting some more silly names for the upcoming Dark Roadmobile game that will invoke some sort of mythological parallel.

Announced by way of their Twitter account this morning, beyond Eraqus and Xehanort, the prequel will also feature “Urd, Bragi, Vor and Hermod.” You can find all of their character designs below, but suffice to say we will see some of them get swept up in Xehanort’s rise to power, or oppose him with Eraqus. Some will wield the power of hearts, some will wield darkness: the cycle continues (or begins, really).

As a reminder, Dark Roadwill miss its original “spring” launch date due to the current global situation.

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