Kingdom Hearts III is getting a greatly expanded photo mode, including a slideshow option


Also, new difficulty options

Kingdom Hearts III will be one year old in January. Does it feel like it?

I mean we’ve been waiting for a decade or so for Xehanort’s tale to end, so what is time, as a concept anyway?

Now we find ourselves waiting yet again for the previously announced “ReMIND” DLC (which naturally, cannot have a normally spelled out name), and in true Kingdom Heartsteam fashion, we’re getting a teaser for that announcement. Evidently folks who attended the “World of Tres” concert in Osaka confirmed that a trailer for the DLC is coming this month (this month as in December: it’s nearly Christmas!).

But a tease of a tease isn’t the main news here, thank God. Square Enix also confirmed the existence of an expanded photo mode, which will allow posing and object manipulation for a more “dreamscape” type of photo, as well as a family slideshow option, complete with background music. Oh, and there’s going to be a toggle to make enemies less tough, as well as the chance to flip on a “challenge” option to remove items from play.

More options for the base game plus a premium content drop to keep us interested? Sure, I’ll bite.

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