Kingdom Under Fire II goes to war in the west on November 14



It’s taken almost a decade to arrive, but Gameforge’s online RPG Kingdom Under Fire II is finally prepped and ready for its western release, and will arrive on PC in North America and Europe November 14.

As a quick refresher, Kingdom Under Fire II is an “MMORTS” title set in the fantasy world of Bersia. Players control armies under the flags of The Human Alliance, The Dark Legion and The Encoblossians as the three factions fight it out for dominance of the continent. Kingdom Under Fire II first launched in Asia some years ago, and will hopefully find success with its long-awaited arrival in the west.

KUF II is already available to pre-order over at Gameforge’s website, where it is sold at three separate price points, each offering different starting content. The standard edition of the game will run $30, while the all-in “War God” edition can be purchased for a meatier $100.

Kingdom Under Fire II launches November 14 on PC.