Kirby: Battle Royale looks like a decent way to spend time with friends


Four-player combat

I completely forgot Kirby: Battle Royale was a thing. Unless it’s a major release I kind of just play Kirby games when I notice they’re out — which, given the low amount of publicity Nintendo gives some spinoffs, might be the week before it arrives. Well, I’m giving you a heads-up now, Battle Royaleisset to drop in November in Japan and January in the west on the 3DS,

The gist is that as yet another battle-themed spinoff, this top-down game features a battle royale setup with four other players, and 13 copy abilities to choose from. This rather lengthy trailer from Nintendo actually gives you pretty much all you’d need to make a decision on whether or not to give it a shot, as they showcase nearly every copy power, the general mechanics, and multiple arenas.

If I can scrounge up three other people who are into this, I’ll be down to battle it out early next year.