Knack 2? Is that you? Could it be true?



Knack 2 is maybe a thing that is might be happening, if an animator’s resume is to be believed.

As spotted by NeoGAF, the following comes from 3D animator Mindy Liang’s LinkedIn account:

Liang is reportedly an employee at XPEC Entertainment, a Taiwanese game studio confirmed to be assisting Square Enix with development on Final Fantasy XV, so the first part seems to check out.

But in addition to animating character motions and cutscenes in Square Enix’s upcoming role-playing game, Liangapparentlyalso did the same for Knack 2, which hasn’t yet been announced.

The possibility of Sony working on a sequel to Knack is certainly sounds plausible, if unexciting. Despite garnering a tepid response from critics, the original game presumably sold well enough, as it was one of the few marquee exclusives available for PlayStation 4 when the system launched.

Moreover, publishers don’t often create new intellectual properties these days without visions of turning them into franchises — and Sony could certainly use some unique software right about now.

Mindy Liang[LinkedIn viaNeoGAF]