Knights and Bikes celebrates launch with fun, chaotic launch trailer


Sorry, what do you want to do?

Today sees the launch of Foam Sword’s super-stylised adventure game Knights and Bikes, now available on PS4 and PC. Publisher Double Fine has released a punk-as-fuck new trailer, featuring a montage of the game’s co-op action.

Set in a fantasy version of 1980’s Britain, Knights and Bikes is a coming-of-age tale of two friends, Ness and Demelza, as they embark on a treasure-hunting quest around the coastal town of Penfurzy. For whatever it’s worth, I can assure you this is a very accurate representation of what we did as kids in 1980’s Britain, or at least when we weren’t in arcades or watching Masters of the Universe.

Teaming up with a friendly goose, Captain Honkers, the friends go on a spokey-doke rocking adventure through their town, solving puzzles and engaging in a plethora of unique and bizarre encounters with Penfurzy’s denizens. The road is long, arduous – and frankly pretty weird – so be sure to keep Captain Honkers fed and happy, your bikes well-maintained and upgraded, and you could guide these two best pals to fame, fortune, or perhaps just a really beautiful weekend of adventure.

Knights and Bikes launches today on PS4 and PC via Steam.