Koei Tecmo is conjuring up a Fairy Tail RPG for 2020


Guild of Magic

Koei Tecmo announced that it will be producing a JRPG based on the acclaimed Fairy Tail manga/anime. A series focused on wizards battling demons and dragons, the game will feature a story with supervision by creator Hiro Mashima to ensure it is faithful to the source material. The title will he beading to PC (via Steam), PS4, and Switch sometime in 2020.

There isn’t much more information to go on, but Koei Tecmo will be talking more about the game at the 2019 Tokyo Game Show next week. For now, just know that the game will see all of the major characters that fans have come to love over the years. I don’t know much about Fairy Tail, but I do feel a JRPG is a good fit for this series.