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Kojima's final MGSV E3 trailer shows off the bloodshed

The Twin Snakes

Alot’s happened this year with the state of the MGS, and its creator’s fate after the launch of MGSV. As Hideo Kojima’s final Metal Gear, and this time it’s for real, The Phantom Pain will be a very bittersweet title for many. But fortunately, he’s aiming to make it his best title yet, and after reading Steven’s impressions from his lengthy session, I’m more hyped than ever for it.

But Kojima has got one more surprise for fans, with the release of a brand new extendedtrailer that he edited himself. The more I see of TPP, the more I get a sense of its incredible ambition. I’m gonna miss seeing his E3 trailers, as they were always a highlight of the show.

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