Konami gives Hideo Kojima an entire hour of outdoor time (Fauxclusive)


To celebrate his Game Awards win

Saying it’s not the monster the media has made it out to be, Konami confirmed today it let Hideo Kojima out of his cell for one whole hour as a reward for his win at The Game Awards.

Kojima and his team took home the award for Best Action/Adventure game last night for the blockbuster game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He was not allowed to attend the ceremony after guards found extremely long-winded escape plans hidden under his bunk during a cell check.

Kojima reportedly spent his limited time in the yard lifting weights, joining Neustra Familia and retweeting pictures of Quiet cosplayers. Sources say Kojima will also be given an extra piece of cornbread with his meal tonight in recognition of his team’s Best Soundtrack win.