Konami just launched a new Castlevania portal: is a revival incoming?


Turning the franchise around

It’s sad to look at Konami’s new Castlevania portal site and see that huge gap between 2014-2018 where nothing happened. It seems like that’s when everything went wrong for the publisher, and just one year later they’d be sent up for the poor treatment of Hideo Kojima, among other past infractions. Their reputation was never the same, but they’re clawing their way back up, slowly.

Yep, there’s a new Castlevaniaportal now as the series isn’t completely dead yet. The new season of the Netflix show is coming, two characters are in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, andCastlevania Requiem is on the way:a joint project between Konami and Sony to bring Symphony of the Nightand Rondo of Bloodto the PS4. It’s crazy, flipping through and recalling how active the series once was even in the early 2000s. The key to this story is the section called “new product,” which could be a hint for more on the way. While some may say it’s back in action now: I’d hardly call a truncated show and a port two-pack a “revival.”

The site is so fresh that some links don’t work: but that’s our Konami!

Castlevania [Konami]