Konami talks Silent Hills and it's not good news


Looks like the game we were pitched has had its throat slit

[Update: It looks like the game has been outright canceled, but there’s this tidbit — “In terms of Kojima and Del Toro being involved, discussions on future Silent Hill projects are currently underway, and please stay tuned for further announcements.”]

The last few weeks have not been looking good for Silent Hills. Kojima’s name was stripped from P.T., a voice actress claimed Kojima had been fired, Guillermo del Toro claimed the project has been cancelled, P.T. got delisted from PSN and just yesterday the game’s lead actor Norman Reedus suggested that he was no longerattachedto the project. All the signs were that this was a corpse still managing to stumble around without a head or limbs.

Well, thanks to an official statement from Konami made to GameSpot we finally have a slightly clearer idea what’s happening to the new Silent Hill title. At the very least, the version of the game we were teased at the end of P.T. is no longer in the works.

“Our contract period with Reedus has expired.We will continue to develop the Silent Hill series.”

The fact that Konami are no longer referring to the game by its title of Silent Hills and has confirmed that its lead actor is no longer part of the project, it’s safe to assume that Silent Hills is on its way out the door. We may well still get a Silent Hill game in the near future, but I would not hold my breath for the game you were expecting.