Konosuba game announced via panty quiz


No details yet

Recently I thought about applying to write for an anime website, but the application involved writing about a currently airing anime. I shuffled through some, including Konosuba, and ultimately realized I didn’t have anything to say about them. Much like Sword Art Online, Konosubais based in a virtual game world, and like SAOit will now be adapted into a video game by 5pb.

The announcement comes via a video that features a pair of women’s underwear and asks the viewer who they belong to. In other words, who isn’t wearing underwear? Fans of the show will be able to guess pretty quickly.

Whatkindof video gameKonosubawill receiveis not yet known, as there is no confirmed genre, price, platform, nor release window. My fingers are crossed for something other than a visual novel, but 5pb makes a bunch of visual novels.