LA Cops wants you to play with yourself on March 13


‘One-person co-op’

Alasdair told us about his time withLA Cops late last year, detailing his failures as an American law enforcement official. For those averse to Early Access, it will be available to play in just ten days. The “one-person co-op” strategy shooter is set to release on PC and Xbox One on March 13, and to commemorate the occasion, publisher Team17 released the trailer above.

It was a little difficult to get a feel for how the game plays with just Ali D’s description, but it also seems like the video alone leaves out some key details. Only taken together does it become clear what makes LA Cops unique: players are controlling one officer directly and the other indirectly, but must make good use of that teamwork through cover fire, pincer maneuvers, and simultaneous takedowns in order to be successful.