Last minute God of War deals: 10% off digital and bonus pins


Up your flair game.

Kratos and son arrive tomorrow in the latest God of War, and if you’re a fan of the series you’ve probably already finish pre-loading the game and you’re eagerly awaiting the unlock time at 21:00 PT. For everyone else on the fence, today is essentially the last chance to pick-up some pre-order deals – some of which will include physical goodies in the form of a Kratos and Atreus Pin (pictured below).

What can you do with a pin? Well for starters, it’ll quickly identify you as a fan of the series. Maybe you can pin it on your pin/flair outfit, sporting it proudly in your local chain restaurant establishments.

God of War Last Minute Deals


PSN Store


The deals above comes in three flavors:

  • 10% off the digital PSN copy via Green Man Gaming
  • Pre-order bonus of avatars + physical pin with the Digital Deluxe at PlayStation Store
  • Pre-order bonus of shield skins + XP boost item at GameStop

Essentially all physical copies of God of War will include a Shield Skin pack as a pre-order bonus. Only GameStop includes an additional exclusive item, the “Luck of Ages” talisman, which grants you XP boost and other flares. In the digital department, your choices are either additional avatars as bonuses or 10% off.

The neat bonus in all of this is a physical pin, which is only available if you pre-order the pricey Digital Deluxe copy at the PlayStation Store by tomorrow. You’ll receive a claim code with your purchase, which you can input here to request for a pin. Whether or not that is worth the $8 in savings vs GMG’s deal is up to you.

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