Last of Us Part II: How to open the boathouse safe



Now thatThe Last of Us Part IIis finally out, folks are diving in and might run across a puzzle or two that stumps them.

So, we decided to make a set of spoiler-free guides. Read on for the boathouse safe solution!

In what might be the first outright trick safe puzzle, there seem to be multiple solutions for the boathouse safe, but only one of them will do the trick.

After navigating the big warehouse with the mid-air boat puzzle, you’ll find yourself right next to a trailer. Head to the back of it and smash a window to gain access. In there, you’ll find a letter that mentions that the safe solution is “the big win.”

While you might be tempted by the 08-15-2012 date that the folks in question caught their giant Blue Marlin, there’s no combination of those numbers that will give you the correct solution.

Instead, head into the front office and look at the bulletin board. “The big win” is actually the winning lottery ticket posted there: 17-38-07. Exit the trailer, head into the building in front of you and input the combination!