Last of Us Part II: How to open the suburbs garage safe


The solution is in another location

Now thatThe Last of Us Part IIis finally out, folks are diving in and might run across a puzzle or two that stumps them.

So, we decided to make a set of spoiler-free guides. Read on for the garage safe solution!

Yet again on the lengthy Day 2portion of the game, you’ll come across a small section of a town that includes a bar and a garage. Going into the bar, through the back room and up the flight of stairs will take you to the critical path, but there’s unfinished business in the town: an out-of-the-way safe.

First go into the bar and grab the document that will straight up give you the safe solution. The real task ahead of you is navigating around the wandering enemies to safely get to the garage, where your prize is housed.

Head directly across the street from the bar, then behind the back alley. In the very far corner of the map (if you’re facing outside of the bar, it’ll be to the right), grab the dumpster and pull it away to get into the room. Input the safe combination and you’re good to go.