LawBreakers features a few different aerial movement abilities


Gameplay trailer shows four classes

Two days ago we got the first reveal for Cliff Bleszinski’s new arena shooter LawBreakers. Today we get a brief look at the gameplay and if I had to describe it with one word, that word would be “motion.”

Each of the four classes shown has its own unique movement ability. Kitsune the Assassin has a grappling hook, which she uses to swing over the Grand Canyon. Breacher the Gunner has a floaty jump (and possibly a double jump — it’s hard to tell) and the ability to blind fire behind him. Maverick the Skirmisher is equipped with a jet pack and can ground pound for kills. Cronos the Titan is the only fighter shown rocket jumping.

Each of those have been done on their own, but typically arena shooters put everybody on the same playing field in terms of movement abilities (as with Tribes). The asymmetry here might be LawBreakers‘ big selling point.