Leaked video reveals Taki returning for Soulcalibur VI


Legendary kunoichi returns

This morning, Japanese video-sharing site NicoNico listed a trailer a little early, revealing that ninja assassin, Taki, is the next character to return to Soulcalibur VI. The video was quickly removed, but re-uploaders move fast, and the cat is most assuredly out of the bag.

Taki first appeared in 1995’s Soul Edge and has been a series veteran since (although she did duck out during the last entry; Soulcalibur V). Taki is a Japanese warrior raised within the the Fu-Ma clan, where she honed her amazing acrobatic ability and short sword skills in order to fight demons and other supernatural evil.

An immensely popular character, Taki’s appearances are not only limited to Soulcalibur, as she also turned up in PS2 title Namco x Capcom and also in the niche Queen’s Gate series. Bringing her high-flying combos and mysterious ninja magic back to the Stage of History should make her fans very happy indeed.

Soulcalibur VI launches on PS4, PC and Xbox One later in 2018.