Learn everything about Civilization VI: Rise and Fall with this new trailer



Ever since the announcement late last year, I’ve been eager to find out what new stuff is coming in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. Obviously Firaxis was going to include new leaders, but what gameplay tweaks were coming to fix some of the issues from the core game? Was there anything the series hasn’t already touched that could even be expanded on?

Turns out we won’t even have to wait for launch, because this new trailer basically explains everything about the game. While you won’t get a feel for how these changes work in the minute-to-minute gameplay, you won’t need to guess how the new “Heroic” and “Dark” ages work or what new policies are on offer.

The biggest thing that sticks out, for me, is the art style. While Civilization has never gone for a purely realistic look, this new expansion seems to double down on the already exaggerated expressions that the base game had. I think it looks neat, but it also feels a little out of place. That will just have to be something that grows on me.

Since the new expansion launches on February 8, it won’t be long before we get our hands on this new content.