LEGO Dimensions almost had Mortal Kombat as a minigame


But it would have corrupted young minds

I’m old enough to remember when Hillary Clinton wanted to ban Mortal Kombat [do you feel OLD yet!?]. It was a funny, silly time, when people were scared of video games. Other than Leeland Yee, it’s been a relatively unventful past decade when it comes to legislators.

But that doesn’t mean developers still can’t make judgment calls, as is the case with LEGO Dimensions. Hilariously enough, the newest DLC pack for the game, the Midway Retro Gamerpack, adds over 20 classic Midway minigames in like Gauntletand Joust, which is a neat little extra. But apparently the team wanted Mortal Kombat, and had to hold back.

Speaking to Polygon, producer Mark Warburton (no relation to Patrick), noted: “There was an age consideration. We had to take into account the typical age of our players and what sort of content we usually have. Some of the more mature games we decided we didn’t think was the right fit for the game.”

So yeah. It would have been cool, but it’s not hard to get the originalMortal Kombatif you really want it.

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