Lightning and Yuna are getting new Dissidia Final Fantasy NT costumes


Yuna’s will probably be a fan favorite

I still go back toDissidia Final Fantasy NT a few times a month. It’s that brawler blood in me: they’re the perfect game to just boot up and play against the AI. I used to do it frequently with the PSP games, but having it on my PS4 just makes things so much easier.

I might be tempted to pick up at least one of these costumes when they hit, too, as Square Enix has announced new digs for Lightning and Yuna, due on September 12. For reference, Lightning’s dress is canon and is from Lightning Returns (Midnight Mauve, earned from a sidequest), as is Yuna’s, which hails from Final Fantasy X-2.

You can get a decent look at them in the videos below, which not only show off the outfit, but what it looks like in combat from afar. Make sure you really like Dissidia NTbefore considering these though, as Square typically charges $13 for single costume packs.