Looks like you won't need to upgrade your 3DS for Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn


Old 3DS is still rockin

After being announced in September’s Nintendo Direct video, Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn was listed on Nintendo of America’s official website as a “New 3DS” exclusive game. Why a port of an eight-year-old Wii title would require the New 3DS is beyond me, but Nintendo’s word was the only thing we had to go on. I guess someone finally realized their mistake, though, as that clarification has been removed from the official listing.

Upon going to the product information page, you’ll now see no mention of the upgraded 3DS device anywhere. It turns out that the original trailer was correct after all. Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn will be fully realized on the power of the now seven-year-old 3DS device. It is amazing how much support Nintendo has given to its dying handheld (unlike a certain device from a rival company).

Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn Is Actually Compatible With All 3DS Systems [Nintendo Life]